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If you are a PC user, click here to access our FTP Server. Username and password are required. To obtain a user ID and password, please contact us by phone at 403-255-9466 or via email. Once you log in, you can copy and paste your file(s) onto the FTP window. We strongly recommend that you compress files and/or folders prior to uploading them to the server to expedite the file transfer. It's not necessary to compress individual PDF files. Note that you will not be able to delete or overwrite files that already exist.

MAC users will require an FTP Client application (software that allows you to manage and transfer files). A couple of our favourites are FileZilla Client and FireFTP (a Mozilla Firefox Plugin). Both are free, reliable and easy to use.

Contact Oil City Press Ltd. to let us know that your files have been uploaded to our server. Please note that any unsolicited or anonymous files will be deleted.

Please download our Prepress Specifications (PDF) for basic instructions on file preparation, as well as an up-to-date list of applications supported by Oil City Press Ltd. For more a comprehensive print production overview and instructions on preparing your files for print, please download the Adobe Print Publishing Guide (PDF).