Support » File Preparation and Upload

Please read Oil City Press Ltd.'s project file preparation and approval instructions below before uploading project files for production.

Project File Formats:

We can accept files from the following applications:

  • Adobe InDesign CC 2014 (or earlier)
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2014 (or earlier)
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 (or earlier)
  • Adobe Acrobat v10.0
  • CorelDraw v12.0

We can work with the following file formats:

  • *.pdf
  • *.eps (vector and bitmap)
  • *.indd
  • *.ai
  • *.cdr
  • *.psd (minimum 300 DPI at finished size)
  • *.tif (minimum 300 DPI at finished size)
  • *.jpg (minimum 300 DPI at finished size)

Please Note: Additional charges may apply for converting incompatible file types.

Project File Preparation Instructions:

The following project file check list has been provided to help us minimize turn around time and help you avoid additional prepress charges.

  1. Include all supporting graphics in proper colour format and appropriate resolution.

    • Appropriate Resolution
      • Commonly 300DPI or twice the line screen for Offset and Digital Offset Printing
      • Commonly 100-150DPI for Large Format Inkjet Printing
      • Commonly 100-300DPI or for Digital Printing

    • Proper Colour Format
      • CMYK for Process Ink Colour or Digital Printing Projects
      • Pantone Matching System Colours for Spot Colour Ink Printing Projects

        Please Note: We recommend printing your own colour separations when possible prior to uploading project files for production to ensure your expected results when printing with spot colour inks.

  2. Include all supporting fonts, or ensure that fonts have been embedded or have been converted to outlines.
  3. Include 0.125" to 0.25" bleed where necessary.
  4. Include trim marks when exporting to PDF.
  5. Include die lines where necessary.

Project File Upload Instructions

Project files may be uploaded once an order has been placed by clicking on the "Project Files" button located near the top right of the "Project View Current Project" page.

  1. Once on the "Project Files" page, click on the "Browse" button below to select files to upload from your own computer or network.

    If you are not uploading PDF files, please compress all folders, files and fonts using common compression programs such as ZIP or Stuff-It before uploading.

  2. Provide a description for your files to help us identify specific modifications, versions or instructions.

Please Note: To avoid any additional prepress charges, please check and proofread your files thoroughly before uploading and approving files for production.

Oil City Press Ltd. cannot assume responsibility for incorrect output of photos, completed artwork, or sub-standard logos supplied by the customer. Only artwork created by Oil City Press Ltd. is guaranteed for quality.

Oil City Press Ltd. will NOT accept images created for the web. This includes PNG and GIF files.

Oil City Press Ltd. will NOT be responsible for colour accuracy when converting RGB images to CMYK.

Use of Logos/Photos - By submitting and approving files for production the Customer agrees to indemnify Oil City Press Ltd. of any liability arising out of or relating to any actual or alleged infringement of trademark, copyright, service mark etc. contained in any of the project files supplied.